PhD Students
 Last Update: 19 December 2022

Started: Fall 2014

Rahnama, Shadi

Dissertation title: Self-assembly of Protein Nano-Cages in Vesicles

Supervisors: Dr. Ejtehadi, Dr. Vosooghi

Started: Fall 2015

Mahmoodpour Ghamsar, Sajad

Dissertation title: Minimodule perovskite, solar cell fabrication by the aid of slotdie printing

Supervisors: Dr. Taghavinia, Dr. Mohammadpour

Moeini, Saeed

Dissertation title: Fabrication and evaluation of holey graphene based hybrid nanostructures for Li ion battery application

Supervisors: Dr. Ramezani, Dr. Sadrnezhad

Started: Fall 2016

Amiri, Mohammad

Dissertation title: Preparation and evaluation of novel Nano carriers based in polyethylenimine

Supervisors: Dr. Shojaei, Dr. Karimi, Dr. Mashayekhan

Daneshvar, Anahita

Dissertation title: Synthesis and characterization of a thermosensitive hydrogel scaffold in bone tissue engineering

Supervisors: Dr. Vosoughi, Dr. Farokhi, Dr. Bonakdar, Dr. Zarrintaj

Golafshan, Elham

Dissertation title: Design, synthesis and evaluation of scaffolds based on three-dimensional graphene and piezoelectric polymers for soft tissue engineering

Supervisors: Dr. Simchi, Dr. Shokrgozar, Dr. Mashayekhan, Dr. nikookar

Lotfi, Roya

Dissertation title: Development and characterization of hydrogel composites containing bioprinting and tissue engineering nanostructures as bioinks

Supervisors: Dr. Simchi, Dr. Pourjavadi, Dr. Tamjid

Sadat Hosseini, Marzieh

Dissertation title: QCM system for cell detection

Supervisors: Dr. Iraji-zad, Dr. Vossoughi, Dr. Zeinali

Started: Fall 2017

Aminizadeh, Pooria

Dissertation title: Enhanced corrosion protection of low carbon steel by use of mercaptobenzoimidazole loaded hollow carbon spheres,grafted with ammonium ceric nitrate

Supervisors: Dr. Ramezani, Dr. Ghorbani

Asghari Sarabi, Ghazale

Dissertation title: Design and structural modification of ZnO nanorods/electrospun nanofibrous mat for photocatalyticdegradation of organic pollutants with simultaneous H2 evolution

Supervisors: Dr. Moshfegh, Dr. Bagheri

Faraji Motlagh, Mohammad Hasan

Dissertation title: Water desalination using capacitive deionization with nanostructured carbon phosphorous electrodes

Supervisors: Dr. Ahadian, Dr. Esfandiar

Kafili, Golara

Dissertation title: 3D bioprinting of amniotic membrane –based nanocomposite for tissue engineering evaluation of rheological, mechanical and biological properties

Supervisors: Dr. Simchi, Dr. Tamjid, Dr. Niknezhad

Tajahmadi, Shima

Dissertation title: Design, synthesis and characterization of drug loaded metal organic frame works for evaluation in Alzheimer’s disease model

Supervisors: Dr. Shamloo, Dr. Shojaei, Dr. Sharifzade

Started: Fall 2018

Bahmani, Abbas

Dissertation title: Electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction for hydrogen peroxide production on graphene oxide supported Ni-Co bimetallic nitride-oxide catalysts

Supervisors: Dr. Ahadian, Dr. Shahrokhian

Khoshnazar, Haleh

Dissertation title: Multiscale modeling of deformation of humidity-responsive hydrogels reinforced with cellulose nanofibers

Supervisors: Dr. Naghdabadi, Dr. Movahedi

Mirsepah, Ali

Dissertation title: Self- powered photodetectors fabrication based on triboelectric nanogenerators for health variables monitoring

Supervisors: Dr. Mohammadpour, Dr. Esfandiar

Mohammadbeigi, Nima

Dissertation title: Fabrication of triboelectric self-powered gas sensors based on hybrid one-dimensional nanostructures

Supervisors: Dr. Iraji-zad, Dr. Mohammadpour

Rafiei, Mehrnoosh

Dissertation title: Synthesis and characterization of Alginate/Gelatin based hydrogel bioink reinforced with modified nanocellulose structures for potential applications in bone tissue engineering

Supervisors: Dr. Shojaei, Dr. Mashayekhan

Sabah, Nazli

Zamanpoor, Fahimeh

Dissertation title: Fabrication of tactile based on triboelectric nanogenerators

Supervisors: Dr. Mohammadpour, Dr. Sasanpour

Started: Fall 2019

Ghayoor Najafabadi, Reza

Dissertation title: Improving the stability of perovskite solar cells by using methylammonium-free perovskite formulations

Supervisors: Dr. Taghavinia, Dr. Mohammadpour, Dr. Tajabadi (Advisor)

Gooneh Farahani, Sahar

Dissertation title: Design and fabrication of a targeted pH- sensitive core – shell liposomal system with the ability to cross the blood – brain barrier for the treatment of glioma

Supervisors: Dr. Simchi, Dr. Imani

Hasani Marand, Mahsa

Dissertation title: Design of Machine Learning Assisted Nanomaterial-based Optoelectronic Tongue for Detection and Discrimination of Biomarkers

Supervisors: Dr. Hormozi-nezhad, Dr. Sasanpour, Dr. Fahimi (Advisor)

Homayoun, Mohammad

Dissertation title: Fabrication of an Integrated Nano-Structured Sensor for Ion Concentration Measurements in Aqueous Environments

Supervisors: Dr. Irajizad, Dr. Kalantarian

Khezrloo, Elham

Dissertation title: Design and Fabrication of Modified Electrodes Based on Composites of Carbon Nanostructured and Some Transition Metal Compounds for Electrochemical Determination of Some Antibiotics

Supervisors: Dr. Shahrokhian, Dr. Irajizad

Mahmoodian Bidgoli, Zahra

Dissertation title: Enhancement of magnetic hyperthermia and simultaneous temperature measurement by ultrasonic method

Supervisors: Dr. Ahadian, Dr. Madah-hosseini

Nik Sefat, Maryam

Dissertation title: Development of food packaging using modified polyphenolic nanostructures to make polymer nanocomposite films

Supervisors: Dr. Bagheri, Dr. Pourjavadi

RajabZade, Mohammad Saeed

Dissertation title: Supersaturation processes in the fabrication of large scale

Supervisors: Dr. Taghavinia, Dr. Tajabadi

Razaghi, Zahra

Samiei Esfahani, Sepehr

Supervisors: Dr. Irajizad, Dr. Kalantarian

Started: Fall 2020

Ahmadi, Shahab

Bagri, Fatemeh

Dissertation title: Mucilage-based, Active Packaging Film Containing Natural Antioxidants Loaded in Silica Nanoparticles

Supervisors: Dr. Pircheraghi, Dr. Imani

Farahani, Elham

Farhadpour, Mohammad

Dissertation title: Manufacturing, Evaluation and Characterization of Nanostructured Anion Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Fuel Cells

Supervisors: Dr. Bagheri, Dr. Pircheraghi

Goodarzi, Nahal

Dissertation title: Photocatalytic degradation of some antibiotics in aqueous solution using modified graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets along with bismuth ion based nanostructures

Supervisors: Dr. Moshfegh, Dr. Samadi

Heydari, Mahsa


Moharramzadeh, Fereshteh

Nemati, Fariborz

Dissertation title: Fabrication and modification of microsupercapacitor devices based on Nb-derived two-dimensional nanostructures

Supervisors: Dr. Naseri, Dr. Moradlou, Dr. Ghorbani

Nematipour, Sima

Dissertation title: Dextran-laponite Nanocomposite Hydrogels Applicable as Interstitial Tissue Spacer

Supervisors: Dr. Pircheraghi, Dr. Imani

Saraei, Ahmad

Dissertation title: The fabrication and study of a hybrid perovskite photo-supercapacitor based on two-dimensional MXene nanostructures for the simultaneous production and storage of energy

Supervisors: Dr. Esfandiar, Dr. Taghavinia

Zekavat, Mirmahdi

Dissertation title: Design and manufacturing of smart gloves based on triboelectric nanogenerators

Supervisors: Dr. Mohammadpour, Dr. Sasanpour, Dr. Khalaj

Started: Fall 2021

Afshari, Mahdi

Alizadeh, Kaveh

Asghari, Mohammad

Esmailzadeh, Farhad

Farahmand, Omid

Hadizade, Arefe

Vahedi, Narges

Started: Fall 2022

Aliabbaszadeh, Neda

Alimoradlou, Khadijeh

Esmailpour, Mahboube

Hasani, Atefe

Khaksar, Atefe

Kolahdouzan, Farideh

Mohammadi, Mohsen

Nosratkhah, Pouya

Reihani, Amir Hossein

Salajegheh, Sara

Shojaei, Mohammadreza

Zarei, Simindokht

Started: Fall 2023

Borzou, Mohadeseh

Fattahi, Alireza

Ghahremani, Sara

Gheybi, Fereshteh

Idan Hamil, Muslim

Katebi, Seyed Mahdi

Pouriyanzadeh, Sadegh

Salmanzadeh, Hesam

Tahaghoghi Oliayi, Mohammad

Zare Khalili, Zahra

Zareshahi, Maryam