Educational Activities

Educational activities at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology include:

  1. Obtaining a definitive license for the PhD program in 2005 from the University Council and the Expansion and Acceptance Council, accepting 18 doctoral students in nanoscience and technology, totalling 126 individuals, of whom 70 have graduated and 56 are currently doctoral students.

  2. Employment of graduates in the field of nanoscience and technology, including 29 faculty members from domestic universities (2 from Sharif University of Science and Technology, 2 from University of Tehran, 3 from Shahid Beheshti University, 2 from Tarbiat Modares University, 2 from Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi University, 1 from Kashan, 1 from Yazd, 1 from Mazandaran, 1 from Gilan, 2 from Isfahan, 2 from Shiraz, 1 from Chamran Ahvaz, 1 from Mazandaran, and 1 from Alzahra University's Agricultural Research Institute).

  3. Development and presentation of formal and short-term courses, as well as interdisciplinary projects in the field of nanoscience and technology, in collaboration with professors from various fields.

  4. Providing a model for collaboration and mutual support among professors inside and outside the university, including 42 colleagues from 7 faculties in teaching, research, and thesis supervision, as well as accepting colleagues from other universities and scientific centers inside and outside the country (15 individuals).

  5. Acceptance of more than 20 postdoctoral researchers at the Nanoscience and Technology Institute.



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